Join over 100,000 students who use Hustlers University to learn how to make money online.

What’s included? 

  • e-Commerce – Start & Scale your first online store
  • Copywriting – Learn How to $10k per month writing for people
  • Freelancing – Easily find extra work for extra cash flow.
  • Stock Trading – Signals & Lessons
  • Crypto – Signals & Lessons
  • Financial Planning – Millionaire Mindset Training
  • Affiliate Marketing – Promote HU & Profit

A Real Community that gets Real Results


What is Hustler’s University 2.0?

Hustlers University is a platform that teaches 18 different types of wealth creation. But it isn’t just another e-learning platform. Hustlers University is a community of people and experts willing to help you. Each category has an assigned expert (or what we call a professor) to answer questions you may have as you start to execute the lessons. It is this blended approach of valuable information combined with the support of millionaire’s and fellow upcoming hustlers that makes Hustlers University so effective.

How much does Hustlers University cost?

Access to Hustlers University costs just $45.00.

Is Hustlers University worth it?

Yes. How can we say that? Go check out the results page and you’ll see thousands of students who are winning from everyday HU 2.0

Can I make money even with $0?

Yes. HU 2.0 has been designed to help people generate income with zero capital. The Affiliate marketing, copywriting and freelancing groups are popular with students. Many of our students are making over 5k per month using the strategies taught within these groups.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your Hustlers University 2.0 membership by contacting the admin team, and tell them you want to cancel. They will cancel your subscription within 24 hours, but you will still remain inside until the end of the month you paid for.

Is Hustlers University a good fit for me?

Well that depends on your circumstances. If you would like to earn more money, then yes Hustlers University will be a good fit for you. Being in a group of hungry, driven, successful millionaires is going to benefit you in so many ways. But you have to be a willing student.

Who isn’t this for?

Anyone who isn’t prepared to put in the time to learn. Anyone who isn’t committed to learning new skills. Basically this isn’t for lazy people who want a magic pill to save them.

Can I join at any age?

Yes! We have 13 year old students who are making well over 10k per month with HU 2.0. But Some of the opportunities may be closed to you. For example, stock trading may have age restrictions in your country. But the vast majority of the Hustlers University 2.0 platform contains wealth generation methods that are not age restrictive.