1000 Pip Builder Review

Forex signal provider 1000Pip Builder boasts of its accurate trade notifications, which The Myfxbook platform verifies on its own accord. Up to seven signals per day are available on 15 different currency pairs, with a monthly pip goal of 350. Since The notifications are supplied during all trading hours, it is accessible to clients around The world. As many of their users “are only able to follow For portion of The day and still receive plenty of Forex trading signals,” they take accessibility extremely seriously. The 1000Pip Builder service’s owner and main trader (Forex mentor) is Bob James. Bob is an experienced trader who wants to share his knowledge with a broader audience. Trend trading, price movement knowledge, and high-probability trading chances are The foundations of his technique. Clients cite Bob’s keen eye For market shifts as one of his most valuable attributes. Despite The fact that The company’s exact location is unknown, it is most likely in or around London, The United Kingdom. traders can contact customer service by sending an email to


Review of 1000Pip Builder

There are four good reasons to use 1000Pip Builder. These are based on a solid track record, five-star client ratings, comprehensive customer support, and expert analysis. ‘ In addition, The service is marketed as an excellent entry point into the Forex market For those who are new to it. As a result, The signals can be followed and understood. It is possible to trade notifications by email, telegram, and SMS while on The go. The signal is straightforward and easy to follow because it includes an entry price, a stop loss, and a take profit. This is a blunder on their part, but I’m confident that it will be easy to figure out and I won’t hold it against them.


Trading Strategy

The 1000Pip Builder website doesn’t go into great detail in terms of methodology. “Fundamental and technical analysis and his excellent judgment are used by Bob James, The head trader,” to discover major trading opportunities. His broad trend-based trading method includes all of this, however it would be good to see some individual transaction instances and analysis. The importance of trade-by-trade analysis may be seen in my list of The top Forex signals. Seeing The labor that went into identifying an opportunity is important to me, even if the signal is lost. Being able to see The analyst’s thought process is a huge benefit because it makes it simpler to accept any losses. Photographs of “sample winning trades” are provided by The company, but they don’t include any analysis and The images are quite small. No matter how hard I try, I’m unable to get close enough to any of these photographs to perform my own analysis.




  • The type is Forex Signals
  • There is a monthly fee of $97.
  • Timeframe: N/A
  • Forex trading Pairs: USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDJPY,  EURJPY
  • The Strategy: Trend


Three different programs are available to traders who wish to subscribe to the 1000Pip Builder signal service. The one-month, three-month, and 12-month plans are all priced At $97 each. A “flash sale” is taking place at The time of writing review, so I don’t know if The $497 price will be permanent. If The prices alter, I’ll update The review. For a signal service, they are astronomical costs. The fact that it costs more than twice as much as my top-rated signal service, Learn 2 Trade, does not rule it out as an option. A considerably lower number of pairs are included in The Myfxbook user account despite The company’s claim to provide signals For 15. There are six pairs in all in their confirmed findings, with just The USDJPY and EURJPY combinations having more than 15 signals. This doesn’t bother me because it usually just signifies that their analyst is taking a more narrowly focused strategy to trading.


Results from Myfxbook

The independently validated trading outcomes are a major selling element of the 1000Pip Builder signal service. As many signal providers lack transparency, this is of great importance. For The time being, they don’t have any active trading results, and The results from 2016 to 2019 are significantly different. My question is, where are their current results? I need to know if The service will still be around in 2021. Before, they had pip targets of 600 to 1000 every month, but that number has now been lowered to 350. This is fine with me because 350 pips is still a good number, but I have no way of knowing if they are succeeding or not without actual outcomes.


Community Feedback

I believe that the 1000Pip Builder trade business is still in operation based on The feedback from The community. It was only a few days ago that a comment was posted indicating that The signals have been quite beneficial. In fact, with a 4.4 rating from 92 reviews, The community ratings are extremely positive. One reviewer argues that “professional trading” doesn’t exist, but just a few other reviews are bad. “Signals with white stops and high targets” are what this reviewer says the signal provider does. As a result, Bob frequently engages in market scalping.


It’s also worth noting that Pip Climber is frequently ranked among The best Forex signal providers. Because of The hefty affiliate commissions, I’m not sure if this is because The service is genuinely sustainable. For one thing, I’m suspicious about a large number of The top-ranking pages because they don’t appear to be from actual traders or even Forex trading websites. Overall, The feedback from clients on many sites is impressive, but I like to hear from The readers of Forex Robot Nation. Other review systems, especially those who aren’t putting in The essential time and investigation, do not have my full confidence in them.




I was about to write a bad review on 1000Pip Builder when I came across some encouraging comments from other users. As a result, my review is a bit unsatisfactory. The enormous support of The service should be considered seriously, and The website’s presentation is quite appealing to me. To make matters more confusing, they haven’t traded since about a year ago, and their Myfxbook account hasn’t been updated since then either. They need to address this issue soon, given that confirmed trading results are one of their primary selling factors.


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