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The Amazing selling machine, ASM for short, is a Fulfillment by Amazon training course that helps people build a successful Amazon store without experience. However, the course fee is very expensive. But, you will be sure of getting the right support and mentorship from experts. That is not to say it guarantees success because you have the money to invest in the program. Therefore, you really have to work hard and motivate yourself.

The Brains Behind The Amazing selling machine

The Amazing selling machine (ASM), developed in 2012, by two big-time business owners, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. They formed their company – to help people become successful at selling products on Amazon. The training course is presently in its 11th version.

This e-commerce course which runs for 8 weeks, is taught by two brilliant experts, Rich Henderson and Mike McClary, with assistance from Dan Ashburn. They have split the course into simple modules, as a result, you understand every topic easily. Above all, their clear and concise means of disseminating information make the course worthwhile.

The quality of this course is high certainly because they do not accept enrollments haphazardly. The course is not available throughout the year. As a result of this, the members of a class are usually not much.

The Workings of the Amazing selling machine

This section covers the full workings of the ASM. The Amazing selling machine is made of up four main components. These are:

  • The 8-week online course
  • ASM mentorship program
  • Lifetime private community
  • Private resource vault

Most importantly, mere enlisting for this program does not make a successful seller out of you. Certainly, you get provided with all the necessary tips. But it still requires your effort. Let us discuss each component briefly.

The 8-week online course

This course helps beginners start selling products on Amazon in a simple way. Most importantly, the course is handled by experts who have actually made it big through Amazon. Certainly a great way of instilling confidence in users. The 8-week online course is divided into 8 modules which include:

The Welcome module:

It is very important to watch this module. In this module, you will be provided with an overview of all the foundations for success. Therefore, do not skip it.

1.Building a list of products that are “hot”

This shows you the products that are hot selling. Especially the ones you should not make a part of your listings, the product selection criteria of ASM and patent search. As a result, you become aware of the fact that you only list products that sell the most.

2. Product supplies and profits

This stage is important, as it tells you some important things about running your business. Firstly, it shows you how to source for reputable suppliers of the products you intend selling. Secondly, how to decipher between bad and high-quality products. Thirdly, this module gives the methods that have been tried and tested by the Amazon experts. Also, you learn how to easily calculate profits made and order products. So, you need to study this module intently.

3. Inventory ordering and Brand creation

This module basically informs you of several things related to brand creation. Firstly, how you can start making a brand for yourself. Secondly, how to source for a good product supplier and thirdly, creating product listings that converts visitors to loyal customers. In addition, the proper packaging of products and how to place inventory orders is taught.

4.Brand launching tools

You get to learn how the experts made use of branding tools. For instance, how to use social media accounts, blogs and a website to promote your brand. You would also be taught how to get visitors to subscribe to your page and the use of an autoresponder.

5.Perfect product page

This module teaches you how to make your product listings sell by themselves. You would not just learn about copywriting, SEO keywords and product descriptions. Besides, you get to learn how to make use of email marketing, pictures and bullet points in making your products marketable.

6.Launching your product

This is the step that determines if you would make a success or not out of your Amazon business. The module takes you through each step you should make towards launching your product in the proper manner. For instance, data analysis, planning, laying out the campaign structure, getting reviews and maximizing on sales. Moreover, you are taught how to maintain your rankings, even during your low stock periods.

7.Making use of Advanced marketing and web traffic tools

This module teaches you how to make use of both paid and free advertising channels to have more people visiting your Amazon store. There are a lot of marketing tools available on Amazon which you can subsequently use to drive traffic to your product listings. You will be taught how to make use of these Amazon tools.

8.Moving your business to the next level

During this stage of the class, you are enlightened on the secret moves you can use in propelling your Amazon business towards success. You would be taught about efficient managing of your inventory and launching of new products. Moreover, you would be taught how to make your brand become globally known.

In short, this is the perfect way to end the 8-week training course.

Meanwhile, we would advise that you follow these tips.  Firstly, do not rush through the videos. Secondly, toke each module for a week as it is meant to be and carry out the tasks signed to each week. Furthermore, watch each video for each week so you get a good grasp of what is been taught.

ASM mentorship program

The ASM mentorship program is a gathering of people who have become successful through the Amazon platform. These sellers would guide you like you are about setting up your Amazon business, answer any burnt questions you have and giving hot selling marketing strategies.

Above all, the advice given by a proven mentor is free and very genuine. To sum up, there is a lot of benefit from been mentored.

Amazing selling machine Lifetime private community

The private FBA community of the ASM program is the best on the Amazon platform. Most importantly, you get free access to the community forums on the various social media channels. Besides, you are offered the best ticket prices for meetings.

As a result, everyone gets motivated to make a success out of their Amazon businesses.

Amazing selling machine Private resource vault

This component of the Amazing selling machine training course is a collection of all the tried and tested methods used by the Amazon experts. For instance, you have evaluation templates, templates for product suppliers, the valuable contact information of service firms they used and discounts available. This part is of great value, as you get to follow the footsteps of the founders of this program. Consequently, your efforts do not end up in vain.


The Cost of the Amazing selling machine

The Amazing selling machine is quite expensive. You can pay fully or through installments. For those who can afford to pay once, it costs $4,997. Paying in installments gets you paying $997 in 6 instalments.

The money covers all the core components of the ASM which includes the videos of the coaching modules, the mentorship program and the private resource vault. There are no discounts promotions. But, you get a 30-day money-back guaranteed policy. Also, there is a 6-month guarantee of success.

If you launch your Amazon business within 6 months, in accordance with their steps, you can sell your membership to ASM. They would also pay you back to the tune of $7,500 for any in products. In other words, it’s a win-win investment.

Is Amazon Selling Machine worth the cost?

This is the topmost question bothering you. I mean, it is quite a huge investment. But if you speak to those who have been really successful on Amazon, the money invested in the program has been of good value.

Certainly, the $5000 entitles you to learn from the Amazon experts. People who most importantly, have actually made it big through the Amazon platform.

But, if you feel dissatisfied within 30 days, you can ask for a refund. Which makes it risk-free. However, if you put the effort to watch the videos and assimilate what is been said, you would know why people say it is money well spent.


  • Detailed training program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Regular updating of program contents
  • Community support
  • Easy to use


  • It is very expensive.
  • Hidden costs of
  • Poor quality of the affiliate marketing program
  • The program does not run all year round.



The Amazing selling machine(ASM), is still the most popular Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) training course. The step by step video training scheme and regular updating of the contents of the program, help you in building a successful Amazon store.

However, the cost of this on the high side. So, if you do not have the financial means to get your Amazon store up and running, there are other rewarding options available. And If you do have a solid financial backing, this is definitely the Amazon FBA program to invest money on.

On the other hand, should you feel unsatisfied with the course, there is the 30-day money-back guaranteed policy to fall back on. To sum up, it is a risk-free investment.


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