Blue Mind FX

Blue Mind FX is a forex signals provider managed by Canadian trader Mr. Richard, who claims to have more than five years of experience in the financial sector. For the lowest possible fee, he offers to deliver high-quality forex signals that can be trusted. Forex signal service Blue Mind FX claims to deliver 300-500 net pips each week on average. Access to a private group chat where traders may exchange ideas, charts, analysis, and more is included with the signal service. If the vendor can confirm that they are hitting the statistics that they claim to be, then today is the day to find out if they’re keeping their promises or not.

On October 10th, 2018, the company was officially launched. Everything else about the company is a mystery, although Richard, the company’s chief trader, has stated that his goal is to “deliver excellent forex signals at the lowest cost.” We know nothing about Richard’s trading history or reputation in the Forex market because he has not been identified.

Traders need to cite the service in order to get access to telegram, and then they can contact assistance. Richard is adamant that he is the sole provider of assistance.


Blue Nind FX Review

It’s clear that the Blue Mind FX signal service is run by a single person. If you are utilizing the service, Richard from Eastern Canada, a trader who claims to have four years of experience, is highly important to your personal success. However, we do believe that Richard should share much more information about his trading experience and provide examples so that we can better understand this trading method.

Sending messages to your phone is as simple as sending them via Telegram. Due to Richard’s location in Eastern Canada, we would have to presume that he trades the New York session, based on the signals he provides. There doesn’t appear to be a contact link on the website before purchasing, which would be helpful if there was.

He should be completely open and honest with his customers as a forex signals supplier. And supply the information that traders deserve to know before to signing up for his business. His Excel results sheet, which has not been checked by any other party, is published instead of confirmed results. Myfxbook records are the ones we like the best. For a signal provider, providing confirmed results is not a tough task. The majority of signal providers don’t use it solely to disguise their losses. They shouldn’t make any promises until they can back them up with evidence.

Trading Strategy

It’s hard to get a clear picture of the Blue Mind FX approach from Richard. “between 1 to 4 signals every day, again, depending on market structure and opportunity” is all we are informed.

If you’re looking for the greatest Forex signal service, you’re going to want a lot more information than you’re currently getting.


Signal Analysis


– Type: Forex Signals


– Price: $ 20/month


– Strategy: Undisclosed


– Signal Frequency: 1-4 Per Week


– Pairs: XAUUSD


The finest thing about Blue Mind FX thus far is the inexpensive monthly fee of $20. Richard portrays his signal service as plain and easy to understand. Even though he isn’t the most experienced trader on the market, he isn’t demanding a hefty fee. This shows that he has a reasonable price point in the market.

An unrecommendation is not necessary to see that the vendor does not overestimate the value of his services. For the first time in our reviews of Golden option Trading and FX Premiere, we’ve come across something unusual.


Trading Results

The Blue Mind FX sales page claims to be able to safely expand the trading accounts of their clients by 20% per week. A pretty bold claim, in keeping with their claim that the service averages between 300 and 500 net pips per week. In other words, Richard is upfront about his pricing, but it doesn’t appear that he’s as forthright about his trading outcomes. This is because the provider does not give trade results, which is why we mention this. On April 10th, 2019, Richard won 8 XAUUSD in a row, although there is only one screenshot of the trade.


In order for this service to be considered seriously, they need to upload their trade statements to Myfxbook and prove that they are capable of hitting the numbers they are promising For the low price, even one screenshot from a few months ago isn’t enough.



We are now unable to suggest Blue Mind FX to our readers at Forex Robot Nation. Although we appreciate the basic design of the website and the $20 month price, these elements do not compensate for the lack of transparency in trading results. Simply so we can see the signs that Richard is sending, please upload your trade statements. We’ll reassess our position in this review once this is done.


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