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About 98 percent accuracy is promised for only $5 a month by Dux Forex, a Forex signals service. False guarantees like this are becoming increasingly difficult to resist, even while it is crucial not to judge vendors based on their first impression. Regardless, we’ll dissect their trading signals and “world-class Forex traders” in this study. New Port, Cardiff, CF23 9AR, United Kingdom, is where the service may be found. Despite the fact that they claim to have been founded in 2002, the website was only first registered in 2014, resulting in a 12-year gap that has yet to be explained. It’s possible that the developers are lying about when their company was founded in order to give the impression that they are more established. Traders can email or fill out a contact form at the bottom of their website to get in touch with help.


Review of Dux Forex

To say that Dux Forex signal service is used by thousands of people is just another exaggeration by its vendor. There is some activity around the product, but not enough to sustain a company with more than 40,000 clients. Email, smartphone alerts, and a user-friendly web platform are all ways in which clients can get the signals. There are three alternative take profit levels that can be selected for each transaction so that the client can decide if they want to trade for a longer period of time and increase their risk.


A plus of this service is that it provides three take profit levels, something that should be more commonplace in the Forex market. Traders “apply price action [and] correlation [and reversals], volume [and candlestick patterns], candlestick patterns, and economic news] when evaluating the Forex market” They don’t use any indicators and instead rely on the trading skills of the people who offer their signals. Instead of a detailed explanation of the company’s trading technique and strategy, we get a generic summary that states they utilize several. We’ve seen it time and time again in our recent reviews of FX Hubs, Forex Lens, and Pattern Sniper: a general lack of strategic acumen.




  • Indicator type: Forex
  • Monthly cost: $4.99
  • Multiple tactics are needed to succeed.
  • It sends out a signal once a day
  • Trading Results: Video


The Dux Forex signal service’s biggest feature thus far has been its low cost. Because it’s substantially less expensive than any equivalent at $4.99 per month, a multi-month test of this product isn’t too taxing. Both a one-year plan for $47, and a three-year plan for $112, are available from the company. Prior to signing up for a long-term subscription, you should test the Forex signal service on the month-to-month plan.


Performance Reports

The trading results are the most significant part of any review. Unfortunately, Dux Forex falls short when it comes to presenting clients with accurate and up-to-date performance reports. They don’t have a place on their website to track the performance of their signals in the markets. The merchant hasn’t even released a single trade statement, therefore it’s safe to assume that they’re lagging behind the rest of the community when it comes to this sector. There are simply recordings of everyday Forex profit performance that they present as evidence of their effectiveness. In spite of this, these films fail to amaze because they don’t even show the actual trading taking place. The video shows the date, the currency pair exchanged, and the profit or loss in pips that was achieved. It’s been nearly two weeks since the last time these videos were updated, which is also alarming.


Reactions from Customers

I saw both positive and negative reviews of the service on various forums. My favorite review is one in which the vendor’s trading performance are questioned.



With a price tag of just $5 per month, the Dux Forex service is extremely appealing. A good explanation of what traders might expect when they get a trade is also provided by them. No one knows who their trade analysts are, and there’s no strategic insight into the trading approach, and there’s no performance data to speak of. When considering this service, you’ll need to put it through its paces in order to discover if it’s worth your time. To my knowledge, there is not enough information on the site to convince me that the signal service is worth the money.


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