Have you ever been tempted into network marketing before? Either by a friend, a colleague, or even somebody you don’t have any relationship with? Even if the answer is no, you have probably heard of Network marketing. Also called multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing has been around since as early as 1920. It is popular in every nation of the world. While many people are making six-figure incomes from network marketing, many have also already given up. But what makes the difference? They are doing things differently.

 How to be a successful network marketer

Many people believe that to have success in network marketing, you must possess some special skills. They think:

  • You must be passionate
  • Must be full of energy
  • You must have many friends and associates.
  • You must be a smooth talker
  • Be able to talk in the public
  • You must have a lot of time to run around.
  • And you must have the ability to organize meetings.

But as you may know, many people have these qualities and yet failed to succeed in network marketing. As much as the skills above might be good, there are many better ways to ensure success in online marketing.

Elite Marketing Pro, is an online community of network marketing entrepreneur. It believes there are easier ways to be successful in network marketing. Consequently, it had developed many resources to guide online network marketers into success.

Meanwhile, Elite Marketing Pro believes it is better to adopt methods that will attract people to you. The simple message of its attraction marketing strategy is that: Don’t chase people that have no interest in your product, rather let those that have interest chase you. But what services exactly does Elite Marketing Pro provide?

Elite Marketing Pro – What is it?

As stated earlier, Elite Marketing Pro is an online group of multi-level marketing entrepreneurs. It has over 100,000 members in over one hundred countries. It consists of professionals that develop strategies. Elite Marketing Pro offers many membership programs to train marketers. It has many resources and programs to help clients become professionals. Its resources can also be used by other business owners to make more sales. Though its product is to increase sales, at the end, its aim is to provide training, tools and resources for network marketers. Its main services include:

  • Education and training in digital network marketing.
  • Acting as Mentors to marketers.
  • Provision of online tools and resources needed for network marketing.
  • Personal coaching.

Elite Marketing Pro Training and Strategies

Elite Marketing Pro training is focused on two major concepts:

  • Lead Generation

Lead generation is simply any strategy to stimulate the interest of consumers in a product. By definition, a lead is the information of a customer who has an interest in a given product or service. It may be the phone number or email address. The information may also include gender age and location.

Elite Marketing Pro resources will help you to know how to generate leads in many ways. It offers training on how to create web pages that will capture leads. It also has tools that will help you drive traffic to the lead capture pages. Hence, Elite Marketing Pro will help you to generate a lot of leads for attraction marketing.

  • Attraction Marketing

After generating the leads, Elite Marketing Pro has resources that can guide clients in modeling their sale funnel. This will guide the client to create awareness and monitor the interest of his customers in his product.

Elite Marketing Pro Attraction Marketing strategies will guide its clients in the following ways:

  • Organisation of information obtained for effective use.
  • Monitoring the interest of their customers in their product.
  • Filtering out unserious customers.
  • Setting up effective and targeted adverts.
  • Generating sales.
  • Building online brands.

Resources and tools provided in Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro products come in packages. They have many packages developed for varying purposes. Their packages have different prices and are available for different levels of membership. Some of their products are:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider
  • Live Traffic Coaching
  • 10 – Minutes Traffic machine
  • 90 Minute Profit Machine
  • Social Media Recruiter
  • Linkedln Recruiting Playbook
  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine
  • Traffic Blueprint
  • The Ultimate Sales Conversion System
  • The Ultimate List Building System
  • $30 Million Video Sales Letter Workshop
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • The What Is Working Now Vault
  • The irresistible Information Marketing Blueprint
  • Branded Traffic Formula
  • Authority Blog Checklist
  • Begin To Win Webinar Series
  • Recruit With Word
  • The Copywriter’s Guild

Should you buy Elite Marketing Pro?

The main target of Elite Marketing Pro is network marketers. Therefore, if you are one, or you wish to be one, then you may need to check it out. But even if you are not, that does not mean you don’t need it. Its lead generation and attraction marketing strategies will be highly useful to everybody in any form of business.

As discussed earlier, leads are used to increase sales. Hence every business owner needs leads. You need leads to send out targeted adverts. You can as well use it in information marketing.

Leads are important in networking, just as you need them in affiliate marketing. Even to sell ebooks or flowers or TV, leads can be hugely beneficial. To sell houses or table fans, you can make use of leads. The simple fact is that you can use leads to sell virtually anything. So, whatever you do, be it online or offline, you can benefit from the training and expertise of Elite Marketing Pro. The only problem is that their services do not come cheap.

What People Are People Saying about Elite Marketing Pro

With over 100,000 members, certainly, many clients have used its products and they have some things to say about them. Therefore, there are many Elite Marketing Pro reviews online. The reviews show that members have benefited from Elite Marketing Pro products and have developed trust in them. To be sure of how useful its resources are, you can check its online reviews. But we will make a summary here:

  • Elite Marketing Pro resources have many online reviews and ratings.
  • Most of their clients are saying good things about them.
  • Most of their ratings are five stars.
  • On average, they are rated 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook.
  • Clients believe their information is rich and precise.
  • Clients also find their coaches and trainers friendly and easy to relate with.
  • But some clients are not happy about the cost of their products and membership.

Based on the above, it is clear that clients find its products useful. Even new clients have trust in the products. Not only do clients say great things about the products, but they also cherish its customer relations services. They love the speed at which they attend to issues and the professionalism of its members.

So, how can you join Elite Marketing Pro?

As stated earlier, Elite Marketing Pro has many resources you can buy to improve your business fortune. They can help you to improve your marketing skill and to learn the secret of attraction marketing. However, it has many levels of membership that marketers can subscribe to and join the platform.

Membership is in stages, and it usually advises its members to pass through all of them. Though the cost of its membership is high, they come with many free packages to guide members through their courses. They have three major levels of membership. They are:

  • First Level Membership (Attraction marketing Formula)
  • Insider membership and
  • VIP Virtual Mentorship and Coaching Program.

How much does Elite Marketing Pro Cost?

Without any doubt, Elite Marketing Pro products and membership are expensive. Not many people can afford them. For example, attraction marketing formula costs 97 dollars, and insider membership costs $297 a year. Some products like the ultimate sale’s funnel cost as much as $2,314 while 10 minutes Traffic Machine costs $1,297. Consequently, the entire program might cost as high as $15,000, if not more. But many people who have paid for their tools claimed the products have worth every cent they paid.

Our Final Word

Elite Marketing Pro is a global community that offers professional services that work. Its members are in many countries all over the world. Furthermore, it has many resources to train its clients in attraction marketing and lead generation.

Not only that, it also offers mentorship and live coaching. Though its main targets are online network marketers, virtually anybody in business can benefit from its resources.

But the downside of Elite Marketing pro is that it is too expensive. And this means many online network marketers will instead go for other options, some of which even come free. But those that had gone through the pains of paying for its services had all come back with positive comments. Elite Marketing Pro is undoubtedly a community that is worth our recommendation.


  • A lot of ideas that work
  • Tools and resources are easy to understand and use
  • Works for any online business that needs leads
  • There are varieties of products to satisfy individuals’ targets

There are many good comments from their clients.


  • Their resources are too expensive, therefore many people cannot afford it
  • There are many other alternatives to their products





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