Forex Profit Signals Review

This article reviews a good signal service, the Forex Profit Signals. FX Profit Signals is a decent signal service pledging amazing market opportunities to traders. Traders receive email notifications and telegram messages notifying them in real-time of the opportunities in the market. Innovators of this signal service believe that they can grow traders’ accounts quickly through these signals. These FX Profit Signals provide three types of signals: VIP signals, free signals, and platinum signals. This article provides useful information on the three accounts provided by FX Profit Signals.

The developers of this signal service didn’t disclose their identities. When you visit the about us page, you will find little information about them. There is only a brief explanation that they “are a team of traders with more than ten years experience in the financial markets.” There is no other useful information that will point out who these developers are or the type of trading history they have in the Forex marketplace. Given that this is a signal service, we should know who these creators are and their trading history. With the little information on the about us page, we are not introduced to these traders, and we don’t have any information on the location of their business headquarters. Traders who want to contact the support have to fill out contact forms on the sales page.

Forex Profit Signals Review

This signal service targets to walk traders through in their trade. It provides traders with the best ways to do business, the right currency pair to pick, and the most appropriate time to do business. These developers gather all the important information and use it to identify the best trading opportunity that will work best for the traders. They will then send the signal with that specific entry point, stoploss, and possible targets.

The signal provider does not give information on their strategy or how they meet their goals. These are critical details that should be shared between the service provider and traders. The absence of this information raises a lot of concerns. We are left in positions where we don’t know how these developers are approaching the markets or have experience in the Forex marketplace. We are also yet to be introduced to their traders, which would have boosted our trust if we had been introduced to any of them.

The developers have left us with little information that raises transparency questions. This is a disconnect that is all over the Forex Signal marketplace. This has been shown clearly in the past reviews of FX Premiere, Complete Forex Signal, and FX Leaders.

The costs of these FX Profit Signals aren’t the same as there are three different types: Free signals, VIP Signals, and Platinum signals.

Free Signals

These signals are free to all members. To become a member of free signal, you only have to register on their website. You will receive free telegram signals when you have registered for an account. You will also monitor the active free signals and the closed free signals. This will enable you to know more about how the freeze version of the software has been doing.

VIP Signals

This type of FX Profit Signal deals exclusively with short-term trade opportunities. This type of signal comes with a cost that ranges from 45 EUR per month to 210 EUR for a whole year. All VIP Signals are entirely for currencies. Traders receive these signals through telegram messages or emails with sound alerts. The developers also provide 24/7 email support. VIP Signals developers promise traders an average of 1000-2000 pips per month from 5-7 signals. This goal is too high and makes traders over-optimistic. Given that this goal is very lofty, it raises concerns and makes the service seems illegitimate.

Platinum Signals

Platinum Signals are exclusively long-term signals. This type of signal promises traders a positive gain of 2000-3500 pips per month. Through this plan, traders receive 1-2 signals each day for gold, silver, platinum, Brent, WTI, and currencies. Platinum FX Profit signals also provide a built-in analysis for every signal, take profit and stop loss levels, and prepare time for every signal to avoid rushing traders.

FX Profit Trading Results

We have seen that there is little information about FX Profit Signals’ creators and their trading strategy. This makes the trading results an important part of this review. The trading results provide traders with images that are constantly not updated, creating a negative first impression.

The biggest concern about Fx Profit Trading Results isn’t the regular updates. The developers aren’t very clear, and they dont use any proven statement sharing service like FX Blue or Myfxbook to host their results. Thus the results they provide could just have been picked from random trades and modified to suit the needs of the developers. To add to this skepticism, the developers update the results very infrequently, showing that they could be using that opportunity to modify the trading results.


Forex Profit Signals developers have not provided the most vital information about this signal service. Information that includes the signal service strategy, the trading history, and the trading results are lacking. Without this vital information, we are skeptical about this signal service. In the finance market, joining any service that promises huge returns requires developers to provide important information. Also, there is little information that one can find from actual clients of this service. If these actual clients give more information about this signal service.

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