FX Renew Review

Forex signal service FX Renew claims to have been aiding traders since 2010 with their trading strategies. Traders can also take advantage of the company’s education and training services, as well as free online courses and other freebies, in addition to the signals they provide. When it comes to developing consistent traders, they believe that immersing themselves in the “X industry” is the best way to do it. Sam Eder and Justin Paolini are the owners of these services. For the past seven years, Sam has been trading, and Justin is actively involved in the coaching and system development workshops that they offer. Sam is a regular contributor to FXStreet, and his book “The Consistent Trader” is available for purchase on Amazon. At 309 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000 this trading group can be reached by phone at +02 9994 8989 or by email at hello@fxrenew.comtrading .’s group


FX Renew Review

The FX Renew services can help traders in four ways. Through the use of their trading signals, guidance, instruction, and specially-created indicators for the Forex market. In order to better understand this company, we’ll focus on their Forex trading signals today. Three separate trading tactics are used to target specific trading times by the vendor, who gives 10 to 20 signals per month on average. At the London Open, New York Close, and major news events, signals are transmitted. Diversification in their strategy is crucial to them, thus they provide intraday, short-term, and medium-term trading strategies. For the time being, traders can try out the signals for seven days at no cost to see if they are right for them.


Forex Signal Types

Let’s now examine each of FX Renew’s many indications.


London Open Signals

Using a trend momentum-based method, one to three signals are given each week just before the London open. Only members have access to the private Twitter account and the email used to send the signals. Traders receive updates on these deals throughout the day, allowing them to adjust their positions in response to changes in the market. Short-term profit targets provided by the vendor can “transform into multi-day positions” depending on the market conditions. You can tell that the vendor changes things up a bit with their signals and tries to achieve higher gains or avoid large losses by extending trades.


NewsFlow Signals

Based on “Central Bank meetings, Inflation Reports, Retail Sales, and Employment Reports,” this approach offers 4 to 12 trades per month. Analysis sheets are supplied to traders a day in advance of anticipated transactions, allowing them to plan ahead of time. Trading Tribe Chatroom, a member-only portion of the website, is the primary location for these transactions. One of the most unusual approaches we’ve seen from Forex signal providers thus far.


End Of Day Signals

Each month, the EOD strategy sends out one to six alerts to traders at the end of the New York trading session. Low-volatility breakouts, pullbacks inside a trending market, and major reversals are all setups used by these signals. According to market conditions and the trade analysts’ predictions, these transactions can last anywhere from a few days to many months. Our Forex signal provider evaluations reveal that this vendor uses a signal approach that is distinctly different from the norm.


Signal Details


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • AUD $99/Month, or AUD $799/Year: Cost
  • Multiple tactics are employed in this strategy.
  • Monthly Signal Recurrence: 10-20
  • Undisclosed pair


Even though the FX Renew service costs a little more than other Forex signal providers, the company’s long-term strategy justifies the price. Remind yourself that the service offers a 7-day free trial, which you should take advantage of before committing. There is no mention of whether or not the service includes coaching or training. In our current assessments of Ultimate Forex Signals and Forex Lens, we can see that trials are a common and useful addition to any signal provider.


Signal Performance Results

To say that the FX Renew does not provide detailed trading results is an understatement. Since September 2017, the sole performance data provided has been a line graph showing the team’s progress. Myfxbook and other statement sharing services do not verify the vendor’s trading results, and they do not disclose any trade statements showing their specific signals. Since the trade signals are all visible in their private Twitter account, I believe that it is essential for them to provide more transparency. A minimum of six months’ worth of trading outcomes should be available before we commit to using the service.



There’s no doubt that the FX Renew sellers are well-versed in the world of Forex. An abundance of resources, such as their blog and free trading classes, as well as the publication on Amazon of a Forex trading manual written by one of the software’s key contributors, all point to this conclusion. In this sector, we rarely see a provider that offers a variety of alternative tactics and signal types.


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