There are hundreds of different systems and programs that claim to help people make money online. Some of them are great, others are a waste of time and most of them are just straight up scams.

How do I know this?

Because I have tried and tested many of them.

So I decided to put this blog post together to share the systems that I am currently using and that actually work.

I am going to be testing each system live so you can see the results that I am getting and giving you my honest views on each of the products.

You may not agree with some of them. You may not be able to afford some of them (there are free ones included). But that’s not the point. My only job here is to share the things that have actually worked for me and provide profits to my pocket.

With that being said, let’s dive into some of the ways that beginners can start making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

    1. Wealthy Affiliate

      Wealthy Affiliate is essentially a training platform, community and set of tools designed to help beginners get started with affiliate marketing. But what is affiliate marketing?With affiliate marketing, you get paid commission for recommending products by sharing a special link or code that companies will give you for free. The commissions typically range from between 3% and 30% depending on what product is you are promoting. Most companies including Amazon, Ebay etc offer affiliate programs so it is up to you in terms of what you want to promote. And that is what I love about affiliate marketing. You get paid to promote products that you are passionate about and would recommend to friends anyway. It is a fun way of making money online and great for beginners. The Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you literally everything you need to get started and become successful with affiliate marketing.

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      Clickbank University Review

    2. Clickbank University

      Clickbank is another affiliate marketing platform but this involves promoting information-based products. There are thousands of courses, books, guides, and programs for you to promote. The best way to make money online with Clickbank is to try the products out yourself and then start promoting them using your own content e.g. YouTube videos, Instagram stories, Websites posts etc. The Clickbank University will teach you everything you need to know to become successful with Clickbank and it is something that I personally have used.

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      flippa review

    3. Flippa

      Flippa is service that allows you to buy (and sell) websites that are already profitable. Even if you know absolutely nothing about building websites you can still profit online with Flippa. In fact, I actually purchased this website from Flippa for $1500. Many people like the idea of investing in businesses but obviously that requires large amounts of capital. With Flippa, you can find some pretty good websites to take ownership off and then improve their marketing strategy to improve their profits. You can read more about how Flippa works and how I evaluate online businesses before I purchase them below.

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    4. Copytrading

      Copytrading involves signing up to a social trading platform and letting other people trade your money for you. These other people are full time professional traders that have a long history of getting consistent profitable returns for their followers. As with any investing, it does come with an element of risk but I think It’s a great way for beginners to invest their money without getting their fingers burned on the stock markets due to lack of knowledge.

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      Learn Plan Profit Review

    5. Learn plan profit

      Learn plan profit is training program that will teach you become successful at trading. But here is what makes it so great. The trader does LIVE trading sessions on YouTube where you will be able to follow exactly what he is doing and when he is entering the trade. So, this has a dual benefit. The first is that you are copying trades from an expert and the second is that you are learning about the theory and reasons behind entering the trade.  In my opinion, following people live can be one of the most effective way of learning anything!

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    6. Edge Trading Academy:

      Edge Trading Academy is a great alternative to Learn Plan Profit because it’s all automated. The problem with Learn Plan Profit is that you need to be available for the LIVE streams to follow along. For many people, this simply isn’t possible due to commitments. Edge Trading Academy will not only teach you how to trade but they will provide you with an AI powered trading bot known as G7. This bot will trade for you in your sleep and so far my results have been extremely positive.

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      Profit Accumulator

    7. Profit Accumulator (UK Only)

      With over 700 positive reviews on TrustPilot, Profit Accumulator is one of the best ways that beginners can start making money online. It’s a platform that will help you collect free bonuses from bookmakers and casinos without losing a single penny by utilising a kind of loophole known as Matched Betting. If you are looking for a fast way to make money online and you are from the UK, then I highly recommend that you look at this platform. Just by signing up for the trial you can bag your first £50 bonus today. The average person is typically making £500-£1400 each month with Profit Accumulator.

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    8. Betting Gods

      So I usually don’t promote or test just straight up gambling products but there is a reason that I am recommending this one. Because Matched Betting is a bonus grabbing loophole, the bookmakers and casinos will likely shut you down after some time. This is known industry as your account getting “gubbed”. They can identify people who are placing bets purely just to extract bonuses from them. However, if you place the occasional “real” bet which is not part of any bonus offer, this greatly improves your chances of continuing to collect match betting bonuses. So it is “risk free” betting in the sense that you are using the free bonus profits provided by Profit Accumulator. Obviously we want to win these bets and Betting Gods is a service that has been pretty consistent with delivering profitable results.

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    9. Stock Advisor

      This is a service that I am still testing however it essentially provides you with 2 stock picks in any given month. With over 700,000 members and taking just 5 minutes a month of my time, I thought it would be worth giving it a trial to see what results it delivers. As it looks for value stocks, it spreads my portfolio which is an overall part of investing. You can read my full review and follow my results below

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      mercurius betfair review

    10. Mercurius Tradr

      This is another system that I have recently started testing but it essentially is another automated software application that will place value bets on your behalf. What is a value bet? A value bet is the ability to identify an edge against a bookmaker or another user on the exchange. If a bet is priced for less than it’s worth, then it offers value. The Mercurius Tradr uses complex algorithms and AI to seek out these value bets and trade them on your behalf.

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That’s it for now. I will probably review more ways that beginners can make money online in the future and please reach out to me if you know of any systems I should be testing.

Good luck and remember to join our Facebook Group to share your results and ask any questions.

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