I have researched and tested many different investment ideas over the past few years.

Unfortunately, most of them turned out to be a complete waste of my time.

So, this year I am focusing on just 2 investment ideas to bring me in extra profit each month and deliver real profits.

What I like about both of these investment ideas is that they require minimal upfront capital and you can start generating profit immediately.

They are also both similar in the sense that you can verify the profits before putting your cash in. These are real verified profits, generated by real people.

So with that being said, let’s dive into my investment ideas for 2020.

find profitable websites for sale

1. Buying Profitable Websites

For me, buying already profitable websites is one of the most overlooked investment opportunities of the century. Some people refer to buying profitable websites as “digital real estate investing” and I can see why because it shares many similarities to real estate investing.

  • You find a profitable website that is already making $500 per month (rent)
  • You take ownership of it (acquisition)
  • You give it a bit of TLC. (renovation)
  • It now pays you more money. (higher rent)

I think what puts many people off is that they do not know much about websites or marketing. But like real estate, you don’t have to be an expert carpenter or builder to make a steady stream of monthly profit from it.  You just need to be able to find a good deal and employ people to do the improvements for you.

Here is a classic example. There are hundreds of good websites that are making a steady stream of income already that just require someone to start their social media marketing. Most people I know have good enough knowledge to run a social media accounts for a website. So you could literally just buy the website, start running the social media accounts and then produce x2-3 profits each month.

Unlike real estate investing, with digital estate investing you do not need huge capital to start. I own several digital assets that cost me less than $1000 and now bring in more monthly “rent” than my actual properties! And that’s crazy if you think about it.

The kicker on all is that you buy websites on topics that you are passionate about. So whilst it might require a little bit of “work” its enjoyable because you are building something you actually care about.

And let me just finish off by saying this. If you are not making money from the internet right now, you are missing a huge trick.

Online is where most of the money is right now but building things from scratch is difficult. So many people claim that it is easy but trust me it is not and that is why 95% of people fail at it.

Buying an already profitable website is the most likely way that you will take a slice from the huge profits being made on the internet right now (and that trend isn’t reversing anytime soon!)

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2. Copytrading

Copytrading involves signing up to a social trading platform and letting other people trade your money for you. These people are full time professional traders that have a long history of gaining consistent profitable returns for their followers. As you are investing in the stock market, it does come with an element of risk, but I like the win-win scenario that Copytrading provides vs traditional investing.

You see, with Copytrading, if the trader does not perform, they lose followers. If they lose followers, they make less money, so it is in their interest to try to remain as profitable as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of copytrading is just how easy it is. You literally sign up to an account, fund it (from as little as $300), find traders that you like based on risk etc and then let them go to work. This is perfect for those busy people who work and just want their money to also work for them too.

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I’m sure there are many other great investment ideas but these 2 are working for me right now so this is why I am recommending them. You will find all of my updates on my Income Statement reports where I share exactly how much money I am making from these 2 investment ideas.