Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review


Nowadays it is likely to find numerous business replicas that are hitting the right notes as thriving businesses. These businesses have a common thread running through them: the readiness to establish knowledge and information platforms. These platforms act as catalysts to birth the Mastermind group whose aim includes passing out knowledge. The knowledge and information so passed help in molding the perspective of those who have access to it. The group’s concept introduced by Napoleon Hill is not a new idea but has been in operation since the 1930s. It is premised on the fact of engaging business people to share endeavors and obstacles which ultimately guarantees success.

Why choose Masterminds to others

To a curious mind, selecting a program is a crucial decision an individual must invest considerable thought in. Different programs are available competing for their attention and sometimes resources. These are some of the reasons why Masterminds stands out:

  1. A successful track record from the creators of the platform coupled with world-class mentoring.
  2. Easy access to new long term plans of actions which are designed to improve and bring life to a business.
  3. Specifically engineered to give advantage to disadvantaged entrepreneurs.
  4. Well-thought-out plans to excite the curiosity of people interested in making legitimate money on the platform.
  5. Massive investments put from the creators of the Mind mint software.
  6. Expertise combined knowledge from the creators of the software which makes it easy to understand the process.
  7. Opportunities abound in the use of this software and an individual can go on to become a developer of similar software.
  8. Being a part of the group broadens the mind of members to become creative as they develop nascent ideas.
  9. Finally, being a part of masterminds gives you the advantage of synergizing with others to attain the best possible outcomes.
  10. More than 30,000 people are already leveraging on this wonderful platform and enjoying knowledge sharing experiences.


Who Needs the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Why?

The following are the categories of people who will enjoy using this product:

  1. Individuals who want to become change agents and influencers.
  2. People who desire to use their knowledge to make money.
  3. People who have wonderful ideas to share that will be beneficial to others.
  4. Individuals who are trying to discover what they are really good at.
  5. Individuals who are ready to make a success out of life no matter their present vocations.
  6. Availability of proven marketing strategies taught by the very best minds.
  7. Easy to decipher and comprehend.
  8. A chance to open yourself to vistas of opportunities you never seemed possible.


Brains behind the Mastermind

With a collaborative digital experience topping 60 years, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson have combined to create exceptional software.

The software is known as Mind mint which individual can deploy in creating a platform known as a mastermind. This knowledge can then be passed on to other mastermind groups.

A brief history of the creators of this software would show that Tony Robbins was born in February 1960 in North Hollywood, California. He is an American author, public speaker, life coach, and philanthropist. Tony is very much involved in infomercials and motivational speaking.

Dean Graziosi was born and raised in Marlboro, New York by a single mother, Gloria Post. He is a best- selling author and an entrepreneur with various business portfolios.  He counts investments in real estate as one of the viable places he has made money. Dean now has more than 400 properties since he first ventured into real estate.

Born in Provo, Utah in the United States, Russel Brunson is an author, speaker and a marketer. The 40-year-old entrepreneur has an estimated net worth currently valued at $40 million. They are as one of the creators of Clickfunnels which at 2020 has more than 70,000 users.


How to own your Mastermind Group

The following is a sequence on how to build your mastermind group and passing out the knowledge gained.

  1. Determine Your Topic: Getting started may not be quite easy which is why you need to zero-in on the topics you have a passion for. You must develop a skillset on how to share knowledge on the specific topic. This should enable you to display your skills and the mastery you have on the topic picked.
  2. Inform Your Members: At this juncture, it is important to send invitations to followers to be part of the group. This is to ensure that the group has synergy and is working towards a common goal. The goal is to achieve success irrespective of whether it is a closely-knit group or not. The main idea is to be specific to the ideology of the people invited to achieve the group’s objectives.
  3. Define Standards: To make your mastermind group functional and beneficial, it’s important to set specific rules. The rules must encompass the disciplinary measures to keep the group systematic and under control. Having clearly defined parameters will ensure the group is geared to function as an effective unit.

Breakdown of Modules

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is broken down into various modules for a better understanding. It is broken into 6 modules as listed below:

A summary of the different modules will show they nicely dovetail into each other. This simplifies the process of having a better grasp of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


Advantages of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The following are the trump card of Knowledge Broker Blueprint:

  1. Fresh Insight: here you are guaranteed knowledge that is not only new but can change perspectives. The fresh insight gained in discussions among group members will be of benefit to your business blossoming.
  2. Professional Expertise: At the creation of a mastermind group, you are exposed to other masterminds. This will deepen understanding among group members and you can rely on various expert opinions. These opinions will go a long way in guiding you on how best to run a profitable business.
  3. Adaptable Ideas: coming together in different mastermind groups is a recipe for distinctive suggestions. These can flourish as groups interact and come up with insights that can be a source of personal and professional growth.
  4. Vast Resources: availability of resources is a key advantage in belonging to a mastermind group. Having access to almost unlimited resources in the way of knowledge and funds is a sure way of attaining desires success.
  5. New Professional Contacts: getting involved in the groups will open you up to the possibilities of gaining professional connections. As the community develops, it is also possible to establish life-long personal relationships.


Disadvantages of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

  1. Cost: though competitively priced, certain individuals may not be able to buy the product thereby. This could make them miss out on the numerous advantages the product comes with.
  2. Advanced Technology: KBB was developed based on new technology which causes some people not to access it. A reasonable amount of training will be required to be able to master the product.
  3. Action needed: purchasing the Knowledge broker blueprint without taking action will be an exercise in futility. It is not a get rich quick scheme so you must work hard.
  4. Payment Plan: the plan may not be favourable to most individuals due to the crunch in the economy.
  5. Prerequisite knowledge not available: for individuals not familiar with platforms such as these, they may find it difficult navigating the processes. This is a drawback which should be addressed in subsequent updates. It becomes quite difficult for most novices to key into the product.
  6. Extensive: it will take a long time to master if an individual doesn’t have a good coach. The mentoring process has to be thorough to harness the benefits from the product.

Final thoughts on Knowledge Broker Blueprint

You can only unleash the great benefits from KBB if you are ready to take action now. The Mastermind formula from KBB will give you the following:

  1. Access to strategies and special tricks that will guarantee success in business. This also brings you in contact with other Masterminds to form a synergy to enthrone great products.
  2. A complete kit containing the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course and the Mindmint software. This software gives a sequence to implement in applying your knowledge and passing it on in the mastermind group. Aside from that, it acts as a platform for you to build and lead your group with favorable ideas.
  3. It costs $2,500 to purchase both the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course and the Mindmint software. It is worth the purchase since there are numerous bonuses you get when you buy this product.




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