Local Marketing Vault is one of those tools that claim to improve how businesses operate. Nonetheless, this tool may be useful too. But before you make any decision whether to use this tool or not, you need to read this review.

Firstly, let’s congratulate you for taking the time to research about this tool. This is a bold step that most businesses fail to take. You will find out if this program doesn’t require any startup fee.

Also, be sure to learn about the negative side of this tool if any.

What is the Local Marketing Vault program?

Local Market Vault is an online program that helps businesses generate leads. You will learn how to get clients, top marketing strategies, and how to run a successful sales program. Other topics on this program include how to run Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger Chat Bots, and so on.

Not to mention, Local marketing Vault was established by James Bonadies and Jason McKim. James and Jason have had their share of downslide in the leads generation niche. Fortunately, after so many trials, they developed a workable system that is called the Local Marketing Vault.

Initially, James was into the education field. He discovered that his earning was not enough to feed his family. He became indebted and had no choice than to switch to online business. James chose to specialize in lead generation. Meanwhile, Jason came from a military background. He moved into financial planning and eventually e-Commerce and drop shipping. After venturing into these areas, he decided to settle with lead generation and mentoring.

Both instructors have made a huge impact on the lead generation niche. No wonder the price of this program is on the high side.

Areas covered in Local marketing Vault

Let’s take a look at some of the areas this program will cover;

  1. The specific Ads
  2. Required keywords (PPC)
  3. Exact targeting (FB Ads)
  4. Specific landing pages
  5. The best traffic source to use. For instance, whether to use PPC or FB Ads. Where using both is necessary it will also be pointed out.
  6. Conversion stats
  7. PPC 101 training
  8. Training on Facebook Ads
  9. Training on how to get clients
  10. Landing page or tunnel training
  11. Training about Automation

With these topics available in this program, don’t you think it is worth it? However, some experts believe it is a package that you must get. Just keep reading, in a short while you will find out if you need to acquire it or not.

Don’t forget that some of these programs have a good list of items but the content will not be at par with what is expected.

Businesses that Local Marketing Vault is relevant

Local Marketing Vault is not suitable for all the businesses or niches. If your business falls within those that will be listed below, then you need to give this program a try. They are;

  1. Towing
  2. Plumber
  3. Dentist Implant
  4. Personal Injury Attorney
  5. Mortgage
  6. Chiropractor
  7. Electrician
  8. HVAC
  9. Gym
  10. Hair Salon

The Local Marketing Vault currently covers 21 niches. Nevertheless, the instructors always carry out an upgrade of the program to include other niches.

How much does Local Marketing Vault cost?

You definitely would expect that the cost of this program will be high. Of course, you guessed well. Local Marketing Vault may cost a fortune for newcomers. The price for Local Marketing Vault cost between $3,000 to $5,000.

However, there is no mention of payments in instalments. There is no clear reason why the price for this program varies. Let’s assume that the initial price was the asking price.

Terms and conditions of using Local Market Vault

Just like most programs, some certain terms and conditions must be adhered to. Apart from other general terms and conditions, below are specific terms and conditions that you need to know;

  1. No request for a refund after 3 days of purchasing the tool. It is believed that after 3 days, you must have read the content of the package.
  2. Your credit card score will be evaluated by either James or Jason to make sure that you can pay for the program
  3. Purchasers are not required to have any marketing experience unlike other programs
  4. Registration to the program is not automatic. The creator must evaluate your request to join

Who should buy Local Marketing Vault?

This program is designed to meet the need of business as far as generating leads is concerned. It is created to help you learn how to generate leads without any hassle. Notwithstanding your lead generation expertise, Local Marketing Vault promises to offer something new.

Pros of Local Marketing Vault program

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons this program is getting so much attention.

  1. Beginners usage

This program is designed for both beginners and intermediate level. The creators aim to get you from the novice level to an expert. In other words, you don’t need to have a background in marketing. You will also receive basic details you need to know about generating leads. For instance, they provide various educational resources to help beginners catch up quickly.

  1. Customer support

Students are provided with constant support to make sure that they improve rapidly. Their customer support platform allows you to reach out to other students too. Not to mention, James and Jason are always available to help you out with any questions. Every week your instructors will attend to all your queries.

Furthermore, they are active on social media, especially on Facebook. In this case, their question and answer sections are not ignored.

  1. Comments and reviews

Another good aspect of this program is the positive reviews they get from students. Local Marketing Vault has a lot of testimonials on their website. For instance, there are few reviews or comments about students bagging their first breakthrough after one month of training. It is almost impossible that these reviews are fabricated. Consequently, if you look at their Facebook page, you will find positive comments too.

Cons of Local Marketing Vault

No matter how good a program is, there is likely to be a few downsides.

  1. Pricing

No doubt, this program is expensive. Not all businesses can afford it; more so if the business is a startup. If you have a tight budget, then stay away from this program until you can afford it.

  1. Additional software

Students are given the impression that there is no need for extra software. Unfortunately, they are other software that is recommended to boost your lead generation. This means an additional cost for most students.

In fact, the registration doesn’t cover any of the recommended software. Therefore there is a startup cost if you want to use this program.

  1. May not be suitable for your business

If your business doesn’t require cold-calls, emails, getting rejections and so on, you may have to rethink your interest in the program.

This product aims at teaching students how to sell their business. If you think of improving your tech-savvy, this program is not for you.  Also, the program is designed in a way that will make students do most of the work.

Is Local Vault legit?

The Local Marketing Vault is safe and legit too. However, if you have the capital to invest, then you can give it a try. It definitely has the potential to enhance your business leads.

The program is so valuable that it is worth it if you ignore the high price. These are some of the reasons business still opt for this program despite their high price tag;

  1. The program is designed for beginners, so be sure that the lesson will be broken down to your level
  2. They provide weekly Question and answer section with the instructors and students
  3. Various positive comments about the program


Like you already know, this is a lead generation course. The program is designed by two professional lead generators. Although the major hassle here is the price of the program, it is worth a try. A lot of students and businesses have expressed their opinion about this program. Almost everyone has something good to say about the program.

Don’t forget that knowledge is not cheap, especially when it comes to lead generation. Trust me, they are so many programs that offer even lower prices but their lessons don’t impart any knowledge.

Lastly, Local Marketing Vault is a good program that provides the required skill to generate leads for your sales company. If the cash is not available now, then you can save up to register. It is almost likely that you won’t regret it.




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