M15 Signals Review

It is possible to receive 2-8 notifications every day via Telegram from M15 Signals, which is a short-term Forex signal source. The tagline of the organization is “assisting you in reaching your investing objectives.” In order to accomplish this, the analysts want to collaborate with their clients in order to ensure that the entire community benefits from their service. A little more than a year has passed since the website first began servicing clients from its base in Venice, Italy. There doesn’t appear to be any information offered regarding the service’s developers or the analysts who are providing the signal recommendations. This information must be provided, and it must be provided fast, if they are to be taken seriously. In order to contact assistance, traders can send a message via Telegram or complete a contact form on the company’s website.


Review of the M15 Signals

The M15 Signals webpage is quite simple, and there is very little information on it. There are several pages, including a signal history page, a pricing page, and the main page. Each of these sections has a few nuggets of information regarding the service, but nothing that goes into great depth or detail. There are only four words in the about us portion of the main page, which is really disappointing…. Due to the current state of their website’s creation, there is no possibility that this group would be considered a top Forex signal provider.


Trading Strategy

Several signal suppliers have told us that their M15 signals are focused on immediate, short-term possibilities and that their accuracy rate is “nearly 90 percent.” Each signal includes three take profits, risk management recommendations, and there is no need to manually close the signal. Even though we appreciate the material, it provides us with little insight into their trading strategies. All we truly know about them is that they prefer to engage in short-term transactions. They don’t go into detail about why they choose these trades or how they conduct market research in order to identify these chances. We find that their competitors, such as Margin Signals, FX Condor, and SMFX Analytics, do a better job of providing us with specifics. However, while this isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all when it comes to signal providers, it is, on the whole, a reliable indicator of future performance. Given the dozens of various services accessible, sellers must do something unique to separate out from the competition. Doing nothing, and offering nothing in the way of a strategy, is not going to assist anything.


Signal Analysis


  • Type: Signals for Forex Currencies & Gold
  • Established: 2019
  • Monthly cost: $55 per month
  • Strategy: Short-term Trading
  • Time: Asia, London & USA Sessions
  • Signal frequency: 2-8 times per day


The premium service, which is available to traders who are interested in the M15 signals, costs $55 per month. It is also possible to get the service at a lesser price by prepaying for three months or six months in advance. An other free plan, which offers 2 to 5 signals each day and “250 to 600 pips per month,” is also available. Trading using the free plan and seeing if it’s profitable before upgrading to the premium service is something we strongly advise traders to do.


Results of the Trading

The M15 signals software has a “Signals History” tab, which provides a monthly report on the pips acquired by using the signals program. The results begin in December 2018 and continue to the present day, with an average monthly gain of approximately 5000 pips. None of these findings have been validated or corroborated, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how stunning they are in themselves. According to the current state of the findings, the vendor can easily change them. In addition, they do not give any information about the deals and do not use any third-party verification services. As a result, while the results are great, the process is not. They are completely ineffective in 2020 because they have not been proven in any way.



According to the current state of affairs, the M15 signals service has a long way to go before it can compete in the Forex signals industry. It appears that they provide little to no information regarding their technique, do not provide any confirmed trading outcomes, and the results that they do present appear to be a little shaky. We will not be able to recommend this service to any of our readers at this time because they have failed to meet the requirements of all of the major categories in which we rank them. As is typically the case, we will check back in a few days to see if they have taken note of our criticisms and responded appropriately.


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