Multi National Forex Review

MultiNational Forex is a Forex trading service with multiple languages and a variety of features. They charge a monthly fee for both an instructional program and a commercial copier. In the minds of the developers, a straightforward approach to customer service sets them apart from the competition. That’s something I’ll keep in mind while I’m writing this review. MultiNationalForex Inc., the first company to speak Portuguese in the United States, is located in Aventura, Florida, at 18851 NE 29th Ave. In order to get in touch with Multinational Forex’s customer service department, traders can use either Skype or email. Visit this page to see all of our product reviews, including our picks for the top forex robots.


MultiNational Forex Review

There are 15 platforms and tactics offered by the system’s inventors, so traders can conduct transactions on any currency pair. More than 180 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America are being served by its “professional and institutional clients.” They think that they are capable of making the finest selections for you because of their extensive trading experience and their excellent relationships in the industry. As a result, this service provider believes that they are offering something special to their clients by speaking to them in several languages. MultiNational Forex does charge a monthly fee for an instructional program and a trade copier. Because they want to build confidence with their customers, this company uses a clear approach to their service.


Educational Program

It costs $80 a month and can be ordered through Skrill, Wire Transfer, or Western Union Transfer if desired. Traders have to email after ordering to inform them that they’ve purchased. I’m not sure why this is the case. The developers could definitely consider accepting credit card and PayPal accounts in order to make this more professional. Investors who use the educational program have access to a wealth of information that they may use to further their careers. Because this is primarily a Spanish-language website, I can’t recommend its instructional resources to readers of Forex Robot Nation. Keep the focus on English-language programming in the classroom.


You’ll also get a chance to practice everything you’ve learned in a virtual trading account for up to a year. For the duration of this period, the organization promises that they would provide you with professional assistance so that they can track your progress. Multinational Forex promises that they will handle the technical aspects of the service as well. Your job is to learn how to trade using a variety of instruments, including an automated robot.


Trade Copier

Each month, the MultiNational Forex trade copier costs $50 US. All currency pairs are supported, and it may be used with any broker. Clients can use the trade copying system and contact customer service by email and Skype at any time of day or night. Telegram can be used to see the results of this trade copier. There are substantial gaps between the daily trade results shown on this page and the real-time market data. There are no trading results this week, and the ones they do post are screenshots taken from the MT4 software. These results aren’t manufactured, but screenshots and trade selection can be readily manipulated. The developers may be presenting us only profitable trades, and we wouldn’t know it if that were the case.


Multiple photographs from my FX book account show up on the results page, but none of them lead somewhere. We may conclude that they are utilizing old screenshots from someone else’s my FX book account in order to make money.


Feedback from Clients

It’s hard to believe that this service will be able to meet its consumers’ needs. In light of the dishonest features already mentioned, we are concerned that they may falsify client testimonials as well. There was only one customer review for MultiNational Forex that I could discover. After employing the Forex signals for two months, trader Lirius claims he has lost all of his money. I’ll update this review if I receive any more consumer feedback in the future.



There are 15 trading platforms and strategies to choose from at this company. According to the company’s website, Multinational Forex promises to be able to serve both professional and institutional clients across the globe.


These people genuinely feel that they can make you a successful trader, therefore they recommend that you place your trust in them and let them make all of your trading decisions for you. As a result, they are supposedly well-connected in the Forex market due of their supposedly extensive experience in trading all types of Forex markets I’ll give the MultiNational Forex goods a 3 star rating at this moment. They do appear to have some trading expertise, as seen by their website’s analysis section. Even yet, the lack of outcomes and consumer feedback makes it tough for me to give a glowing review.

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