Platinum Forex Signals Review

In addition to trading signals and a training course, Platinum Forex Signals is a new service. Signals are the most important component of their offering, as the website’s name implies. This group of expert trade analysts is confident that they will be able to deliver accurate trade notifications for many years to come. We’ll examine the service’s most critical components and let you know if it’s viable or proved in our evaluation today. On the basis of the company’s sales website, it appears that the Platinum FX company is run by a group of experienced traders in Southampton, United Kingdom. In addition to not providing a definite location, they don’t disclose any information about themselves either. After reading our review, we hope that the developer will be able to fill in the gaps in this section. Traders can use a contact form to send an email to customer service. To get in touch with us, you’ll need to send us an email.


Review of Platinum Forex Signals

The Platinum Forex Signals website is well-designed and full of claims that the service is the best on the market. Over 250 current students, a staff of analysts, and constant support are all promised at the top of the page. Since none of this material has been independently validated, it should be treated as speculative at best. Pips per year will be examined in further depth in the review’s outcomes section.


With this platform, “working professionals and students who were driven and want to learn how to trade Forex” can get the training they need. In order to better serve its customers, the program’s authors have developed a trading course that covers all aspects of the foreign exchange market.


Trading Course

In order to convince you that this Forex trading school is all you need to succeed, the Platinum Forex Signals team will make you believe that it can teach you everything. It’s a wonderful perk for traders who sign up for the signal service to get the course for free. Over 60 distinct themes were discussed in Congress, with the first section covering all of the market essentials. As a result, we’d appreciate it if the vendor could supply us with a few sample readings so that we can see how they educate.



Let’s return to the signals for the time being, since it is the primary focus of this review. Vendors claim that their in-house traders allow them to provide adequate service to their customers. Unfortunately, they don’t identify the traders, so we’re forced to rely on their assurances that they have access to top-tier analysts.


Expert analysts are critical to their sales pitch because they don’t disclose any information regarding their trading process or overall strategy. There should be a lot more information about how they trade and who the specialists are that are delivering their signals. In a market where everyone else is saying the same thing, telling us that the service is operated by pros isn’t enough. We’ve seen the same claims about skilled traders running the show in our recent reviews of Trade Surfers and Forex Specs.


Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • One-time payment of £299
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • The frequency of the signal is unknown.
  • Undisclosed pairs


The fact that so many of the most critical components of the Platinum Forex Signals are made public is baffling. We know they send signals with SL/TP, but that’s about all we know about the signals. We have no idea what the strategy is, what currency pairs are being traded, or how many signals are being provided each day. All of these characteristics are typical in the Forex market, and covered extensively by the greatest Forex signal providers. Traders can join Platinum FX for free if they don’t want to pay the $299 one-time cost. They don’t tell us who the broker is, though, and instead request that we send them an email for further information.



The Platinum Forex Signals team claims to deliver 12,000 pips each year in profits. The fact that they don’t show any outcomes in the market is a bit of a surprise. Verified proof should be provided by the vendor if they make a commitment of this size. In order to demonstrate their ability to hit the numbers they claim to be able to, we advise them to make use of Myfxbook.



No suggestion can be made for Platinum Forex Signals at this time because of the lack of information available. In terms of strategy, trading performance, and the overall transparency of the service they need to do a better job.


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