In this guide, I am going to be showing you how you use Profit Accumulator to earn an extra £500-£1000 per month income, risk free!

Sounds good, right? Nothing beats free and guaranteed internet cash so let’s dive straight into this Profit Accumulator review and help you get started.

What is profit accumulator?

Each month, hundreds of bookmakers provide special offers to lure new and existing customers into placing bets. Profit Accumulator is a service that allows you to easily find those special offers and collect the bookmaker bonus offers.

But here is the trick.

Although we will be singing up to bookmakers and placing bets, the bets we are placing cannot lose! That’s because in most cases we are going to be betting to win, lose or draw. Essentially, we are betting just to receive the bonus money that the bookmakers provide then withdrawing the cash.

This is done using a technique called matched betting. How it works is you place a winning bet with one bookmaker (known as a place bet) and you place the non-winning bet with another bookmakers (known as a lay bet)

This is not gambling.

In fact, it’s probably the fastest and most guaranteed way to make money on the internet every single month.

How does profit accumulator work?

Once you have signed up, the profit accumulator will show a list of offers to complete and each offer will earn you a certain amount of money.

For example for just by signing up for a free Profitable Accumulator account you are presented with 2 offers straight away as shown below.

As you can see, profit accumulator shows you the guaranteed profit you will make if you follow the instructions on the offer. This isn’t the offer itself but the actual profit you will make after you have placed all of the necessary bets.

Each offer provides step by step instructions, so let’s take a look at that.

The offer page:

As you can see, the interface of Profit Accumulator is really simple and in many cases, they provide a quick video tutorial showing you what to do. Being a visual learner myself, I certainly like this feature and is part of the reason why I use Profit Accumulator over other types of systems.

Profit Accumulator review

Profit Accumulator review

But Profit Accumulator isn’t just showing you offers. They have built specific tools to easily find the right bets to place making the whole process super easy. Here is an example of the instruction for this offer:

Profit Accumulator review

Now, although receiving offers and placing bets might sound easy to you right now, there is actually a fair amount of work that goes into signing up to bookmakers individually and finding the right bets to place so that you do not lose a single penny.

To do this without a tool like profit accumulator would be incredibly painful and time consuming. ( To be honest, I’m not even sure how you would go about doing that anyway?)

Profit accumulator is packed with a whole bunch of tools that make this whole process as easy as possible. These various calculator tools, a really useful mobile up and a support forum for when you get a little stuck.

Does profit accumulator really work?

Yes! The Profit accumulator really works. How much money you will make depends on how much time you put into it. You see, there so many opportunities presented each day that it is hard to get round to all of them. Most people work and/or have children or other commitments so cannot afford sit there in front of a screen all day banking bonus offers.

Profit accumulator themselves have 2 separate groups on Facebook. From memory they are the £500 club and the £1000 club. Essentially, the £500 people commit a few hours a week outside of their day jobs and the £1000 club members are doing this every day.

Is profit accumulator a con?

No, profit accumulator is not a con. In fact, at the time of writing this, they have over 763 trust pilot reviews and hundreds of real case studies on their website.

is Profit Accumulator a con

Here are a few of the comments from the Facebook group with people sharing their earnings and how they are finding the experience:

is Profit Accumulator a con

How much does profit accumulator cost?

Profit accumulator has two pricing models – monthly and annual. It’s no surprise that if you go down the annual route, you will stand to save a small fortune. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty low cost system to get involved with considering the upside.

how much does Profit Accumulator cost


Profit accumulator is great way of bringing in a second income. It does take some work on your behalf but it’s safe, easy and guaranteed. Just make sure you go through the training videos and spend some time of the forum. Whilst it is pretty self-explanatory, there have been people who have made the odd mistake and lost some money (even though it was usually just some loss on their original profit. Also, you will be immersing yourself within the gambling environment so please be careful. Its easy to consider taking an odd punt here and there but you could wipe out most of your profits doing that and it kind of defeats the purpose of doing this.

If you are looking for a way to invest your earnings then make sure you go check out live case study where I reinvest my Profit Accumulator earnings into the stock market and utilise compound interest to grow even further. Happy earning people!