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Shark Tips is a brand-new Forex signal service that aims to make professional trading accessible to the common trader. Currently, the service’s designers are offering a 14-day free trial of live signals for Android users who may download their program from Google play. Ori Kaskas is the man behind the signals. Tech City UK 68-80 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL, UK. Except for the one product he’s promoting, Ori has no other track record in the Forex market. It appears that he is currently working on a website called PVPchallenge, which focuses on online gaming. Shark Tips customer service can be contacted via email at


Review of Shark Tips

SharkTips caters to the needs of the average Forex trader that like to be in control of their own destiny. We’re a motley crew of analysts, geeks, and traders who’ve used a slew of for-profit Forex signal providers in our own trading. It wasn’t long before the company was formed after we realized we could deliver a more efficient, effective and cost-effective solution.

Fewer signals from SharkTips are more likely to lead to bigger profits and less risk. With our Pro Signaling service, we know that even part-time traders can easily make a reasonable monthly income by following the easy advise that we give them.

As a collection of “ragtag analysts, tech geeks, and traders who have dabbled with legions of paid Forex signals providers,” the creators first developed this service in 2015. Now, the Shark Tips service promises traders a monthly profit of 350 pips on average, with no fees or commissions and a lot less time squandered in the process.

As far as we know, the service’s trade rationale is not explained in any detail on its sales website. According to what we’ve been told, they have a vibrant network of successful traders and only provide signals on trades that they would actually place on their own. Even still, the sole person who appears to be connected to the service is not a Forex trader, which isn’t exactly encouraging. They should definitely expose some of their traders and analysts to us if they wish to rely on their reputation.



  • Type: Signal Service
  • Monthly payment: $59, for one year.
  • Plan of Action: Top-secret
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Undisclosed pair


As a follow-up to the previous paragraph, there is very little information regarding the service on the sales page. I’m not sure how Ori Kaskas thinks he’ll get any customers if he doesn’t tell us anything about himself. That there are three different methods of payment is all we know for certain. It’s possible to pay $50 a month or $100 a quarter, or $460 annually.


Trading Results

Over the course of the last two years, the Shark Tips service has provided traders with “20 to 35 indications a month.” No transactions have taken place on the website. I see no reason why this developer can’t offer us with a monthly statement confirming the performance of their signals based on years of data. It’s tough to put your faith in a developer that claims to be able to generate hundreds of pips per month, but it’s much more difficult when they show no proof at all.


Feedback from Clients

Sadly, just like the trading performance section, this product’s reviews are overwhelmingly bad. A February 2017 review and a March 2017 review are the most recent reviews available for this product. A one-star review and a two-star review have been posted. In light of the paucity of information and inconsistent trading results across the website, I can’t say I’m shocked by the bad feedback on the Forex market.



According to the company’s website, its trading signals are designed to make even the most inexperienced investor a successful trader. For those who are able to get their hands on the Android app, this business is presently offering a 14-day free trial. A wonderful thing about this is that traders can test the service before deciding to invest real money in it.

I can’t recommend Shark Tips to any of the readers of Online Profits at this time. Even though I approach every review with an open mind, I can’t see the point of signing up with these developers or even testing their 14-day trial. We need more information on the traders who are generating the signals and their trading results, thus I urge the service’s creators to devote more effort to sharing such information with us.


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