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Buying Websites is a Skill.

Before searching and buying websites for sale, I recommend that you read through this guide or attend one of our free training webinars.

At the bottom of this article, you will find websites for sale that I have reviewed and provide guidance on why I think they are good investment opportunities.

I break each one down and giving you ideas to implement. By the time you read this article, the website may have been sold but the thinking, tips and the strategies will still be relevant.

How to find profitable websites for sale

There are several ways that you can use to buy profitable websites. In this article, I will share 3 of the methods that I have recently used to acquire websites for this project.

flippa review

  1. is probably the most widely used marketplace for buying websites. In fact, I purchased this website in April 2020 for $1500 (read why here). With, you can buy all kinds of websites that range from low cost start up affiliate websites to fully fledged dropshipping websites making over $50,000 per month. To get started with buying websites on Flippa, make sure you check out my full guide below:


  1. Expired Domains

Expired Domains is a website portal that lists websites that are soon to expire and that are up for Sale. On our live project, I buy a website which was listed on Expired Domains for $900 and outsource the entire marketing strategy. On our live project, you see the exact process that I use to find, evaluate and purchase the websites using this method.


  1. Direct Outreach

It is also possible to find profitable websites “the old fashioned” way by reaching out to the owner and seeing if they would like to sell the website directly. I have tried do this a number of times but be totally honest, the prices I tend to receive back are to rich for my liking.

Things to look out for when buying websites for sale

Whenever I’m evaluating websites for sale, there are a number of things I like to consider.

  1. Brand Name

I know this might sound obvious but the better the name, the more valuable the website. Now I’m not looking to buy the next CocaCola or Netflix but I do look for scalability and pivotability. Buying a very niche website like may be profitable in the short term but what if I eventually want to talk about more than just blogging? I’m stuck.  The reason I was more than happy to pay $1500 for is because I can pivot the website in the future. Sometimes I like to imagine the brand name posted on the side of a car. Will people be intrigued by it? Will people remember it? Will it get attention? Again, with I feel like it will tick all of those boxes.  Buying a website based on brand name is very subjective but it is an important part of the evaluation process.


  1. Website Statistics

Next up is website statistics. I will probably write an entire article on just this topic alone but I will and give you a brief overview of some of the things to look out for here.

Traffic –  How much traffic is the site generating? Where is the most traffic coming from? Search vs Social. What keywords is the website ranking for on Google? What are the most popular pages?

Domain Authority – Domain authority is essentially analysisng

Social media –