XO Signals Review

If you’re looking to get “the most accurate signals in the world,” XO Signals is the place to go. In addition to Forex and CFDs, they also offer notifications for commodities and cryptocurrencies. Signals can be accessed for free via the service, or you can upgrade to the VIP version for $29 per month. Analysis of the signals feed shows that if you do not pay for the service, it is quite difficult to use. A trade would be extremely difficult to monitor and execute without any form of notification in the free version. Vendors aren’t forthcoming about their identities or whereabouts. When dealing with a signal service, knowing who is delivering us the signal is extremely critical. In their own words, “a bunch of mathematicians and big data professionals combined” describes who they are. In reality, this doesn’t tell us anything about their trading history or reputation in the foreign exchange market. This is what we hope they incorporate into the website after reading our review. Traders can send an email to to get in touch with them.


XO Signals Review

For those who want to sign up for the free Signals service, it’s more of an attempt to draw in new customers. Even if you don’t subscribe to a premium account, you’ll still get all the signals because it’s clearly stated on the page. The vendor’s homepage emphasizes three key aspects of their service. Over 300,000 individuals have posted messages in the live chat that provides updates on all of the signals, stock suggestions, and live chat updates. Messages are arriving every 5-10 minutes, which is a bit infrequent, but it’s still a high quantity. Do they have what it takes to be considered one of the finest Forex signal services? Keep reading to learn more.



The XO Signals team relies on “software-generated technical analysis” to generate its trading signals. This signifies that the trades are being provided by a Forex robot. Predicting changes in an economic system long before they materialize in the market is what the robot does through technical analysis. Data mining, algo-trading, and more are also taken into account by the system. In any case, it’s still more of an outline than a thorough explanation of their actual process. Despite our understanding of all of the buzzwords they are employing, we are unable to comprehend how they all come together in their explanation.


Signal Analysis


  • Type: Signals
  • Founded in 2017
  • Monthly fee of $29
  • Strategy: Software generated technical analysis
  • 24 hour trading signal
  • Frequency: Very frequent


Traders can choose from a $29/month plan to a $10/month plan depending on the length of their contract. Traders who sign up with Alvexo, their partnered broker, will receive a free year of service. Daily market signals, email signals, one-on-one sessions, SMS signals, and mobile access are included in all of the subscription options.


Trading Results

The XO Signals service’s trading results are tough to track. However, no verified account on Myfxbook or FX Blue allows us to analyze the pages of active deals. As a result, the vendor has full access to all of their trading data. However, they don’t appear to be making any exaggerated claims about their achievements, which is a positive indicator.


As a result, we’d like to see confirmed trade data so that we can really evaluate their performance over the past few years. They’re lagging behind the competition since they don’t have a verified account. In our recent reviews of Trade X Signals, FXStreet Signals, and, we made the same observations.


Feedback from clients

XO Signals has some impressive features, yet they are missing the most critical ones. It’s unclear what their trading technique is, and they don’t appear to have any confirmed results to back it up. Both of these issues must be addressed if we are to compete in this market with the biggest signal suppliers.



When it comes to trading forex, commodities, gold, stocks, and crypto, XOSignals has some of the most accurate trading signals around. Trade signals are provided by XOSignal for a wide variety of financial instruments around the world. These forex, commodities, stock, index, and crypto market trading signals are well-known for their high degree of accuracy. To back up its trading signals, the XOSignals app uses solid technical analysis. There are currently more than a million active traders who have been using the platform for the past four years.


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